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Rainer Jacob, 2014   rainer jacob
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exhibitions (selection)/ vita
2020finalist "arte laguna prize", venice
1st prize "emergency break"/ "30 years: neuer sächsischer kunstverein", competition for saxon artists of all branches
"the optimized human", museum of fine arts leipzig, (participation), catalog
"lukrez", kunstforum heidelberg, (participation), catalog
"we can art", selection in the competition of the company "bildhau" with purchase of the work "barbed wire", christmas tree + transfer to a foundation for public institutions, exhibition, catalog
"voila", werkschauhalle, spinnerei leipzig, (participation)
"share and have", dornburger schlösser, (participation), catalog
"water live", burg wertheim (participation)
20191st prize "art figura 2019", schwarzenberg (participation), catalog
"water event", yoko ono "peace is power", museum of fine arts leipzig, (participation with object and concept)
"paradigma", hall C01 tapetenwerk leipzig (participation), catalog
"voila", spinnerei leipzig, hall 14, (participation)
"memento", projektort 4D tapetenwerk leipzig (participation), catalog
"bauhaus-free zone", gallery vbk thür., erfurt (participation)
"pomp & splendor", rokoko castle dornburg, (participation), catalog
"substances", gallery "westtor", leipzig, (participation)
"autumn guests", art association ibbenbühren, (participation)
"year-end flicker", gallery "haus zum bunten löwen", erfurt (participation)
"discovery artfair cologne", catalog
"MOCKBA", gallery alte handelsschule leipzig, (solo exhibition),
2018"33 guests", jacob/ käseberg/ parr; collectors club, berlin
"artthuer", art fair, erfurt
"the water was pure and clear", groupglobal 3000, berlin (participation)
"exchange berlin 2018", kühlhaus berlin (participation)
2017"thesis- antithesis", gallery waidspeicher, erfurt (participation), catalog
"kunstmitte", art fair, magdeburg
"creature", gallery vbk thuringia, erfurt (participation)
"hallart", art fair, halle/ saale
2016"arrived", hall C01 tapetenwerk, leipzig (participation)
"artthuer", art fair, erfurt
"fragments", jacob/ miller/ hochstein; gallery rasch, kassel
"clutter", bertram/ jacob; projektort 4D tapetenwerk, leipzig
"parcours", mischhaus leipzig (participation), catalog
"kunstmitte", art fair, magdeburg
"citycrash meets artwalk", werk2, leipzig (participation)
"k. m. & s.", kunstforum gotha (participation), catalog
"chinese whispers", kunstareal osterstein, alte wache gera, gallery alte handelsschule leipzig (participation)
city hall hermsdorf (solo exhibition)
2015"spots", hall C01 tapetenwerk leipzig (participation)
"25 years vbk thuringia", gallery waidspeicher, erfurt (participation)
"kunstmitte", art fair magdeburg,
"office duty", gallery alte handelsschule leipzig (solo exhibition)
"streetart-3D antarktika", artists` colony halle/saale (solo exhibition)
2014"home", augustinian monastery gotha, (solo exhibition)
"temporary art", leipzig (participation)
"courage to purchase", erfurt (participation), catalog
"artthuer" (art fair), erfurt, the thuringian ministry for culture acquired three works
"make art" thuringian state parliament, erfurt (participation), catalog
gallery "M1 kunstzone" (the gallery grounds), gera (solo exhibition)
painting symposium, most (czech republic), catalog
"spectacular phenomena of nature", fabrikgalerie apolda (participation)
2013 "PROvinz- 40 positions", gallery waidspeicher krönbacken, erfurt, (participation) catalog
"thrill of the chase", gallery alte handelsschule leipzig (solo exhibition)
"value of art", gallery VBK erfurt (participation), catalog
2012"european sculpture- methods, materials, poetry", edsvik art museum stockholm (participation), catalog
"3rd prize "botho- graef- kunstpreis", jena
2010 monastery church thalbürgel (solo exhibition)
2009 town museum "alte suptur", stadtroda (solo exhibition)
2006 gallery vbk thuringia, krämerbrücke, erfurt (solo exhibition)
2004 "zeitgleich-zeitzeichen", gallery marktschlößchen halle (participation), catalog
"saale- gallery", saalfeld (solo exhibition)
2003 church of castle, eisenberg (solo exhibition)
2002 "young artists", gallery vostry, erfurt (participation)
"galerie im roten turm", art association jena (participation)
2000 art association fischerhude (solo exhibition)
1999 city church jena (solo exhibition)
1998 city hall verden (solo exhibition)
1994 move to fischerhude near bremen, freelance since then
1990-92 evening studies in painting and graphics at hfbk dresden
1990-93 vocational training as a stone sculptor in dresden (born in jena)

art in public spaces (acquisitions):
taucha, jena, hamburg, verden, pegau, stadtroda, beverstedt

waiting I, 2014

"waiting", oil, 120 x 80cm, 2016

urban landscape I, 2014

"landscape I", oil, 100 x 70cm, 2016

urban landscape II, 2014

"landscape II", oil, 150 x 50, 2016