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wrong direction, james, eis

"wrong direction, james!" #sichselberindienullenschießen #brexit #-UK (ice), leipzig, 2017

radiator,eis, reichstag, berlin

"radiator 02/04/15" (ice), berlin

radiator, eis, am louvre

"radiator 24/12/16" (ice), at the louvre, paris

fountain louvre, eis

"at the fountain" (ice), louvre, paris, 2016

qr-code: kalt hier drin!, eiswürfel

"it`s cold here!", qr code (ice cubes), leipzig, 2017

no fountain- no radiator, eis, leipzig, museum dbk

"no fountain, no radiator" (ice), museum der kunst leipzig, 2016

heuregal!, eiswürfel

"heuregal!" ("sea level rising!") (ice cubes), 2017

eisobjekt, reichstag, berlin

"radiator 01/02/15" (ice), berlin

am reichstag, berlin 2015

"at the reichstag", 2015

circle, eis, 2016

"circulation" (ice), 2016

fountain closed, spinnerei leipzig, 2016

"fountain closed" (ice), spinnerei leipzig, 2016

eisobjekt, station Leuschnerplatz, Leipzig

"radiator 20/04/14" (ice, 320cm), train station leuschner-platz, leipzig

eisobjekt, spinnereirundgang

"radiator 12/01/13" (ice), spinnerei leipzig, winter tour 2013

panzer zu wasser! sequenz 1

panzer zu wasser! sequenz 2

"melting tank", 2014

eisobjekt thueringer landtag, erfurt 2014

"radiator 17/01/14" (ice), erfurt, state parliament of thuringia

eisobjekt u-bahn-station leuschnerplatz, leipzig, 2014, l= 3,20m

"leipzig liest", 2014

kleines eisobjekt, schwimmend, 2014

"radiator 04/10/14" (ice), halle/saale

koffer, spinnerei leipzig, 2013

"suitcase" (ice), spinnerei leipzig, winter tour 2013

snapper, eis, 2016

"the snapper" (ice), 2016