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eimer mit kantholz

"imagine water" ("bucket with timber"), bucket, wood, paint, 2019

(2019 in: yoko ono "peace is power", "water event", mdbk leipzig)

bucket with squared timber

"bucket with squared timber", bucket, squared timber, paint, water

rainer jacob (object) and yoko ono (water), mdbk leipzig, 2019

barbed wire

"barbed wire", christmas tree, l=250cm, 2018

no pallet, linden trunk 130x90x10cm

"no pallet", linden trunk (of one piece), 130x90x10cm, 2011

piece of poplar for water and white, half full, 130x90x70cm

piece of poplar for "water and white, half full", 125x90x70cm, 2018

water and white, half full, poplar 125x85x60cm

"water and white, half full", poplar 125x85x60cm, paint, 2019

magnum, oak, early 12th. c., southern italy, prob. sicily

"magnum", oak, early 12th. c., southern italy (prob. sicily)

no pallet, oak trunk, of one piece, 120x80x12cm

"no pallet", oak trunk (of one piece), 120x80x12cm, 2016

rokoko socket, oak, 1773

"rokoko socket", oak, 1773


"dead animal" (octopus), car tires, 2009/2015


"runner" (part of "group", taucha), rochlitz porphyry, 2016

flying magic hood carpet, sandstone, silicate paint 2015

"flying magic hood carpet", sandstone, silicate paint, 140cm, 2015

(2015 in "european sculpture", kunsthalle edsvik stockholm)

urbob, sandstein 2011

"primeval bob sleigh, turning right", sandstone, length=72cm, 2012

laokoon V6, carraramarmor 2011

"laocoon V6", carrara marble, height=120cm, 1998

group, taucha, porphyr

"group", rochlitz porphyry, taucha, 2016