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it`s cold here!, qr code, ice cubes

"it`s cold here!", qr code (ice cubes), leipzig, 2017

wrong direction, james, eissticker

"wrong direction, james!" #brexit #-UK (icestickers), leipzig, 2017

lenin, icesticker, moskau

"lenin 01/02/18/13:57" (icesticker/ frozen soil), moscow, 2018

100 years: "communism is soviet power plus the electrification

of the whole country" (lenin); icestickers, moscow jan/feb 2018

rotary switch, icesticker, moskau

"rotary switch 02/02/18" (icesticker/ frozen soil), moscow, 2018

socket, icesticker, moskau

"socket 26/01/18/14:08" (icesticker), moscow, 2018

icesticker, bolschoi, moscow

"at the bolshoi theatre" (icestickers after two weeks), moscow, 2018

icesticker, moscow

"socket 02/02/18/14:35", (icesticker), moscow, 2018

rotary switch, icesticker, moskau

"rotary switch 02/02/18" (icesticker), moscow, 2018

stromkasten, icesticker, moskau

"electricity box" (icestickers, sockets), moscow, 2018

icesticker, moscow

"at the kremlin wall", (icesticker, socket), moscow, 2018

lenin, icesticker, moscow

"lenin 01/02/18/14:00" (icesticker/ frozen soil), moscow, 2018

lenin, icesticker, moscow

"6 lenin phenomena" (icestickers/ frozen soil), moscow, 2018

light, icesticker, moscow

"light" (icesticker), moscow, 2018

icesticker, moscow

"iskusstwo" (icesticker, socket), moscow, 2018

icesticker, moskau

"icesticker 27/01/18", moscow, 2018

lenin, icesticker, berliner mauer

"lenin 03/03/18/8:04" (icestickers), berlin, 2018

icesticker, berliner mauer

"lenin 03/03/18/13:12" (icestickers), berlin, 2018

fountain, icesticker, berlin

"fountain 03/03/18/14:01" (icesticker), berlin, 2018

fountainlady, eissticker, berlin

"woman at the well", berlin, 2018

erst mal zu jenny, eis

"jenny first! karl marx" (ice cubes), leipzig